Now Open!!

Many of you have heard the news by now, the SoHo brand is expanding!

We are so grateful to Homewood and the city of Birmingham for helping us realize the potential for SoHo Social. We had always hoped to become one of Homewood’s favorite gathering places for friends and family. Over the last 2 and a half years that hope has come to fruition. YOU are the reason SoHo Social is such a cool place to eat, drink and hang.

We’re very happy to announce our newest project, SoHo Standard, located on the corner of 29th Ave and 19thst. in the SoHo area of Homewood. While the details are still a work in progress, we can say that SoHo Standard will offer a simple, more upscale menu selection in a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere.

Our grand opening is projected for mid to late September 2019. We are excited to share more details as they become available.

One thing is for certain, our core philosophies haven’t, and won’t, change. We’re here for YOU, these places are YOURS. We love sharing life, laughs, business and relaxation with you and those important to you. We always want to know how we can better serve you and our community. Thank you for making us part of your lives and giving us the opportunity to create new memories!

More to come . . .

Thanks, Dave & Taylor