Homewood's Place to Meet.

A community based bar & grill centered around the needs and wants of Homewood. A unique spin on American classics. Familiar, and yet fresh at the same time. There will of course be some pretty unique twists. We will strive to treat you like family with the hopes of earning the same in return. Laid back, friendly, sincere service.

A high energy eatery and craft bar focused on fulfilling the needs and wants of Homewood.

Featuring fantastic foods and distinctive drinks with a unique style.





We feature a seasonal, scratch-made menu built around long time southern staples, presented in an imaginative and fresh way. Our evolving Tap-List of local beers primarily focused on Alabama’s award winning breweries, as well as other regional favorites. Hand made craft cocktails, inspired and developed by knowledgeable bartender. A simple, yet unique wine list featuring wines you won’t see in stores.


We've had our eye on Homewood. We love the community. It's location and history makes it unique among Birmingham suburbs.

We chose Soho/downtown Homewood to be a gathering place central to all activity in the community.

We want to to be a place that attracts people from all walks of life, from young professionals and families to retirees and empty nesters. Homewood has that because of its location and history, which is part of what makes this community so strong and unique.
Treating this community as individuals, as a family, is what we believe in.

We firmly believe in being part of and serving our community.

I hope we "work our way" to uniqueness through an ongoing effort to bond and mix with the Homewood community. Our history in the business with our other concepts has shown us how important that is both from a business standpoint, but also from a personal fulfillment standpoint. We truly believe that the primary things that make our other restaurants special are the people who frequent them. They are the driving force behind everything we offer, so when it comes down to it, our goal is to really plug into what they want and give it to them.
You can see how strongly we value that statement through our other concepts. We truly believe that the key to our happiness with Mudtown and The Ridge, both from a business and personal standpoint, lies within the people who frequent them. They are the people that drive us to offer our best; from food, to drink, to service. We are bringing this same mindset to Homewood with SoHo Social. We want to have a real relationship with the people of Homewood, and we welcome them to have one with us. Treating this community as individuals, as a family, is what we believe in.